Social Responsibility

Prestige has always followed the “Corporate Social Responsibility” policy, by satisfying the needs of its customers with great respect and consideration for all the people involved in the various activities and in the various manufacturing process stages, including our staff - which are one of our most important resources for the implementation of our projects -  our suppliers and the whole community.

According to ISO 26000 Guidelines definition of CSR "The responsibility on the part of an organization for the impact of its decisions and activities on society and the environment through transparent and ethical behaviour that contributes to sustainable development, takes into account the expectations of stakeholders. In accordance with country bye-law and consistent with international norms of behaviour; It is assimilated within the organization and practiced in its relationships.”

The leading idea is first and foremost shared  by the senior management, who are supposed to make choices and perform a behaviour which will reflect this orientation. 

Prestige is also committed to the responsible use of raw materials in full respect of the environment; the brand is indeed recognizable not only thanks to the production of luxury hand-made furniture, but also thanks to the ethical stance adopted by the company.